Wednesday, 31 October 2012


This week my plan was to watch a comedy starring one of my favourite comedians, Kevin James, “Here Comes the Boom”. However, plans end up changing and in this case, change is better.

I was happy that instead of watching a movie that I was mediocrely interested in, I decided to continue with the Halloween spirit and seen “Sinister” instead. Another one of my favourite actors, Ethan Hawke, stars in this horror flick and plays an author who writes stories of true horrific crimes.

This is an exciting thriller of a father desperately trying to redeem himself with a new book and knowingly moves into the house of his primary research, where a family has been murdered. He puts his family and himself at risk of supernatural entities.

I had myself a good scare in this flick. The best part of this film is the suspense. Even though they weren’t many scary parts, they made it so that every scene the angle could possibly show a demon child walking across the room, or a ghost popping up in the screen. The plot was carried out on a good path that made sense. Even though the plot was sort of played out considering all the recent horror films about some sort of supernatural demon force looking to feed on or possess children, the twist that they through in made for an enjoying conclusion.

Like I said before, I am a horror fan and even though I enjoyed “Sinister” this time, I probably won’t remember it a few months down the road. It wasn’t something memorable and I won’t be frightened when it’s dark at bedtime but in the end I enjoyed it for the time being and don’t regret spending my dollars on a good scare. 7/10 well worth it if you happen to be in the Halloween spirit.

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