Thursday, 25 October 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

Halloween is just around the corner so I figured this movie would get me into the Halloween spirit, or so I thought. Paranormal Activity 4 is the 4th installment of the trilogy and its true what they say; the first one is always the best.

So this film took place five years after the 3rd installment but there isn’t a big difference in this film that can really distinguish itself from the previous installments. I mean sure there are scenes that really keep you on your toes and the infamous jumps are there. There really aren’t any known actors to recognize and the plot was just getting exhausting. So there is a strange woman and an even stranger little boy that lives across the street, and one day the mother is sent away due to some sort of illness. The little boy is then welcomed to stay with the family across the street and from there all these strange supernatural occurrence took place.

This movie was quite mediocre in the scare department and the plot was just played out. I must admit there were times I had to close my eyes a bit but nothing really scary every popped out until the end. It was kind of an upset because they really scare the hell out of you right before the credits. If only there were more scenes like that throughout the film.

I thought this movie did not do justice to the previous installments of the Paranormal Activity trilogy. As a horror movie fan I am sad to say that this film deserves a 4/10. Hopefully if there is a 5th installment, they would change up the plot just a bit.    

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