Monday, 15 October 2012


The movie of choice this week was Looper. I was very much anticipating this film because it starred one of my favourite actors, the legendary Bruce Willis.

So this film takes place in the year 2074 when time travel is illegal. It was used as a tool by the mob to not only assassinate but to wipe people out of existence completely. The people that are paid to do this job are called Loopers. So this is where it gets really complicated, the main character Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a Looper whose next job was to kill himself… well older Joe (Bruce Willis). So the plot really thickens past this point and things get even more complicated.

This movie had a great plot to it and very original ideas; I just thought it was a little too farfetched for my taste. It was to a point where it was kind of outrageous. I mean the suspense and action was all there but the film still did not meet my standard for this highly anticipated movie. At times I thought it was a bit slow but the twist and turns in this film really keep you thinking all the way through.

Don’t get me wrong this film isn’t terrible, I am sure some people may really love it; it just didn’t satisfy my taste and was not what I was expecting. I feel this film deserves a 4.5/10. I’m really disappointed with this film and the rating I have given it. I know Bruce Willis is better than that!      

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