Thursday, 11 October 2012

End of Watch

So the movie of the week is End of Watch. This is an action flick about two cops patrolling the mean streets of Los Angeles, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

So this movie starts off with a bang, well a few bangs rather. If you are a fan of rock’em sock‘em copper movies then this is the one for you. Very little slow scenes and romance, leaving room for the good stuff; what we came for.

So this film goes into the lives of two police officer doing their routine police duties, unfortunately they end up barking up the wrong tree. These two cops get caught in a tough situation; when they get into trouble with the Cartel which leads to a hit sent out for the heads of these two officers. 

 This film is the true definition of heroism and bravery when it comes to cops that go above and beyond their police responsibilities to protect society. These two just don’t know when to quit, unfortunately that leads to their downfall.

I would recommend this film to teens and young adults due to the graphic nature. It is jam packed with action and suspense and leaves you at the tip of your seats. For some reason I believe an End of Watch 2 being very plausible due to the way things played out. Anyways I don’t want to ruin anything for those who plan to view this film, it is highly recommended and I give this movie a 7.5/10. I mean it may be the best police action movie this year but I have seen better.  

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