Friday, 5 October 2012

House at the End of the Street

House at the End of the Street is the new horror film that just came out last weekend starring Jennifer Lawrence. From seeing the trailer I was already freaked out and I am just a complete sucker for a scary flick. Horror films are just one of my favourite types of genres and it comes out at a perfect time, exactly one month before Halloween. Not to mention the fact that Jennifer Lawrence was recently in other films which I really enjoyed such as X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games.

So this movie starts off a bit different than your ordinary horror flick, it actually seems more like a chick flick at first; young girl moves into new neighbourhood and meets a cute boy whom which is very sweet to her. However… later we find out that this young cute boy’s parents were actually murdered by his very own sister and for some odd reason he is still living in the very same house… creepy huh? Don’t worry it gets worst! As the film goes on you start to see through different perspectives and some things just aren’t always what they seem.

All I gotta say is that there is a huge twist in this film that will just blow your mind. However I found that this movie was very slow leading towards the climax, a little too slow. This movie is not the worst horror movie I seen in the last couple months but also not the best.  I would recommend this film to those movie lovers who love a twist and who wouldn’t mind seeing something different from you run of the mill horror flicks. I would say this movie deserves a 6.5/10, only because the twist in this film was very well played out.

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